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Arts & Culture

Catania has a unique architecture, art and culture. Roman baths and theaters, palaces and baroque cathedrals, traces of ancient dominations, and then again the town markets that preserve the customs and traditions of the past. From early morning until late evening the streets of the center are teeming with life and colors. Starting from Piazza Duomo, after the ritual of breakfast with "granita" and "brioche", admiring the statue of liotru, symbol of the city, and the Amenano fountain, you can start with the visit of the Cathedral which houses the relics of St. Agatha and the Achille's baths. Following with Via Crociferi, heart of the baroque, is a must, as well as a visit to the Church of St. Nicholas and the adjacent Benedictine Monastery, the monumental complex of extraordinary and unique beauty. A relaxing break in the beautiful park of Villa Bellini and then point to the town market in Piazza Carlo Alberto, beating heart of the city and finally, a nice walk along Via Etnea..

Fontana dell'Elefante Cattedrale di Sant'Agata Palazzo dell'Università Via Crociferi Monastero dei Benedettini Castello Ursino

The Flavours

Tasty products, joy for the palate. Waking up in Catania is like taking a dip in milk, pastry, in the authenticity and freshness of a tradition. Not too late in the morning, take a visit to the Pescheria, home of the oldest fish market, with the triumphant sea and fish perfume. Experiencing the flavors Catania you'll be charmed by the unique taste of marzipan, the rice balls and the Sicilian cuisine: Mediterranean flavors where culinary cultures meet quality products, such as oranges from Sicily. Granite, Iris, Panzerotti, Cannoli with ricotta, the legendary Sicilian Cassata and the Minnuzze of Sant'Agata. Ice cream in all flavors, from pistachio from Bronte to strawberries. For those who prefer salty food, there are many foods to choose from: cartocciate, cipolline, siciliane, bombe, scacciate. Catania is most of all a city of fine restaurants, award-winning chefs, famous sommeliers: Parmigiana, octopus salad, soup of mussels, pasta with swordfish and mint, from oysters to lobsters. Do not forget the Sicilian wines. A nice way to end the evening Catania is going to one of the many kiosks where you can drink the "Seltz, Limone e Sale" (soda, lemon and salt) or "Mandarino al Limone" (soda, mandarin and lemon).

The sea and beaches

Ionian Sea lapping, throughout its length, the coast of the province of Catania for over 65 kilometers. Alternating sand and shingle beaches and cliffs of basalt, especially between Acireale and Catania. From the Catania harbor begins the wonderful beach called Plaia, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. At the center of this coastline lies the Gulf of Catania, starting from Aci Castello to Augusta, in the Syracuse Ionian coast. Very pretty towns lies in the coast of Acireale called Timpa and other towns like Aci Castello and Aci Trezza.

The Etna volcano

The mountain of mountains, alive and present with its continuous volcanic activity, is one of the wonders of Sicily. Etna Nature Park is an extraordinary and unique environment. You can visit it with hiking, biking, Horse riding or by jeep, always surrounded by nature trails that offer many enchanting landscapes. There are a large number of walking paths available, some of these short and more accessible, others more challenging. Paths that lead to the discovery of ancient craters, lava flows of recent or impressive volcanic caves which are more than 200. A different way to visit the volcano is the Circumetnea: the historical route of the railway enables the view of landscapes and sights not otherwise visible. More simply, you can enjoy the gastronomical routes typical of this places, tracing a route that begins with the taste of the mushrooms of Nicolosi, apples of Pedara, honey of Zafferana, continues with the famous vineyards of Milo and Sant'alfio and concludes with pistachios of Bronte and the olive oil of Ragalna.

Leisure and shopping

Etnaland Playground Themepark and the water park and playground largest southern Italy. Shopping Centre Etnapolis, Centro Sicilia, Porte di Catania, Ikea.

Etnaland parco acquatico Etnaland themepark Etnaland themepark Etnapolis parco commerciale Centro Sicilia parco commerciale Porte di Catania parco commerciale

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